This collection is inspired by the Sport of Kings and all the elements involved in the game.
A combination of mallets, helmets, boots and horses express the typical polo moves in the chokers and necklaces. These pieces convey the spirit and sports performance of the Argentine leadership in this sport.

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Currently, the trophy is available for sponsoring and sponsorship from clubs and companies, in order to encourage female polo around the world.


Sunny Hale memorial trophy

The "Sunny Hale" trophy is a tribute to the female polo icon of all times. She became a legend thanks to her sports performance and invaluable contribution to the growth of this sport which is practiced by ladies all around the world. Being the only lady to win the US Open (together with Adolfo Cambiaso, a great friend and co-equipper) was among her many accomplishments; she also achieved the highest male HCP recognition and founded the American Association of Polo Horses. She was named the “Most Valuable Female Polo Player” during seven consecutive years. In 2012, she was honored at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, Texas.

Nevertheless, her training, respect and love for horses were her biggest legacy. This original trophy was designed by Claudia Pistarini for the first and the only time that Sunny Hale played in field number 1 at Campo Argentino de Polo, Palermo. She won this trophy with her American team.

This trophy has been travelling around the world to be played in the female polo tournaments at the member clubs where amateur and professional players practice; in this sense, the idea is to promote female polo practice in any field.