On 19 th May, the first edition of the “POPE FRANCIS CROSS”, a copying of the pectoral cross of the Holy Father, was launched into the market

On Sunday 19 th May the first edition of the “Pope Francis Cross” will be on sale at Nuestra Señora de Balvanera, Saint Expedite Sanctuary (Bartolomé Mitre 2411, Buenos Aires), it is a copy from the Holy Father pectoral cross made by Claudia Pistarini, goldsmith and jewel designer. The priests of the church remind people that the Argentine pope “does not wear the gold pectoral cross his predecessors used to wear, he prefers the cross he used to wear as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio”. That image of the Pope pectoral cross and his first phrases “Let us protect God’s creation” and “Pray for me”, have inspired Pistarini for the first edition of Pope Francis Cross, designing a copy at scale. The goldsmith delivered the 5×4 cm piece to the parish Nuestra Señora de Balvanera for its distribution and acquisition of the congregation (…)

source: aica.org